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LIDMED Eyelid Center

The LIDMED Eyelid Center in Cologne, Germany has been performing various kinds of medical and plastic surgery for many years.

Being the founder of LIDMED, Dr. Hüseyin Aral is specializing in eyelid surgery and also an oculoplastics educational supervisor at the German Ophthalmological Society.

We accept patients from around the world who are referred to our center by specialists in other fields for further specific treatment. We are also in interdisciplinary cooperation with various countries.

We perform all operations on children and adults under local or general anaesthesia, depending on the need, and offer inpatient or outpatient surgery.

If our international patients who are unable to travel to Germany due to visa requirements or personal reasons prefer their surgery to be performed by Dr. Hüseyin Aral, we can perform the surgery in Izmir. For further information about this option, please contact our center in Germany via e-mail.

Our fields of surgical treatment

Our fields of surgical treatment

  • All kinds of benign and malign eyelid tumors
    Skin cancers on eyelids and around the eyelids
  • Plastic surgery on droopy upper eyelids
    Aesthetic surgery
  • Plastic surgery on under eye bags
    Aesthetic surgery
  • Ptosis
    When eyelids droop over pupils
  • Entropion
    When eyelids turn inwards and eyelashes irritate the cornea
  • Ectropion
    When eyelids turn outwards causing lacrimation or inflammation
  • Revision surgery
    Revision surgery on undesired surgical results
  • Eyelid malfunctions
    Eyelid malfunctions due to systemic diseases, facial palsy or injuries, such as inability to close eyelids
  • Problems in ocular prosthesis usage

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